Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark (frankthepirate) wrote in wicked_piercing,
Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

well, that didn't feel like a box of kittens.

Got both of my tragus piercings done today. Hurt til she rinsed it, now just mild ache. -nutter- Will let you all know how sleeping goes LMAO!!! I think that may be the last of my body mods, but we'll see :P Any suggestions on what jewelry is good to use, comfortable and so on? I know I shouldn't twist the current jewelry and leave it for 2 weeks or so, rinse it with salt water two to three times a day, and generally leave it alone, and all that. Any additional tips and tricks? I've heard labret jewelry is about the right size and comfy to use, any truth to it?

Thanks in advance :)
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