Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark (frankthepirate) wrote in wicked_piercing,
Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

Hi all!

I got my tongue pierced a few months back, and have stuck to the acrylic bar and ball combo. After a disaster swallowing a fish shaped acrylic top bit, I've decided to give it another go. This one, in fact. I had bought two in case I lost or swallowed a fish. I replaced the metal bar with my existing acrylic one and it doesn't want to tighten enough, or I have messed up the threading on the fish by over tightening it (quite likely) anyway, tight or not it feels like I am going to swallow it, and I'm back to square one not being able to say s lol. Has anyone ever switched to a shaped top like this? Will I just get use to it like when I first got it done, and is there any way to fix the fish, or have I just screwed it? I have some spare acrylic bars, could I just super glue the fish on the top and use the bottom ball to take it on and off? Going to have to take it out for the night and put my normal balls back on, I'm just to worried that it's not going to stay on (it will go tight, but easily come loose again, and when I try to tighten it more it just spins and clicks like its knackered the thread, which I am sure it has, but I know I can't rethread it without using a larger bar, and I really don't want a thicker bar.)

Anyway, really:
- Will I just adjust to a bigger bar top like when I first got it done?
- Will it be safe to glue the fish on somehow and safe to have in my mouth or will the glue just break down and I'll end up swallowing another plastic fish? lol

Thanks in advance! I haven't messed with it to much since I got it done other then going from a steel bar to all acrylic (this kind) and just left it at that. Also, I have a bit of a small gash in the bar, other then getting stuff in it (which I clean it out often as I'm a bit OCD as far as germs and things go, which is how I think I gouged it) is it ok, or should I swap the bar out? It's not scratching my tongue, and its a quite rounded edged gash in it, so I am guessing I bit the bar at some point lol.

sorry, I'm done now. Thanks! Sorry for being such a newbie. I was worse when I got my tattoo, honest. :)

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